House Renovation And Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Spring cleaning and home renovations can be daunting. Not only is there a lot of work to do and many possessions to sort through and dispose of, there is the actual chore of disposal of trash and unwanted items that can take quite a bit of time. The typical household trash bin or recycling bin does not have nearly the capacity for all of the trash, dirt and debris that can come out of closets, basements, attics, garages and other outbuildings. This requires several trips to the trash dump or cleaning a little at a time between visits from the local trash pickup service. The rental of a roll off dumpster can save time and money and reduce headaches when undertaking a large cleanup or renovation project.

Roll Off Dumpster Services

Roll off dumpster services offer a variety of dumpster size and price options. For smaller projects, a dumpster with a capacity of around eight yards is preferable. The homeowner can have this dumpster emptied at the end of the project. If the dumpster fills up faster than expected, the rental service can come out and empty the trash during the rental period. This may come with an extra cost, but the convenience of having someone else deal with the disposal of the trash is worth the added expense.

Unwanted Items

While it can be tempting to just throw everything away to get rid of it and have a clean space, there are easy ways to pass usable items on to other people. Social media sites offer a safe and easy way to get rid of household items and other belongings. Items can be given away for free or sold for a little extra cash to help pay for a vacation, holiday expenses or home renovations. Online auction services also offer a quick and easy way to clean out closets and make extra income; however, these services come with fees that can reduce the amount of profit from the sale.

Recycling Options

Items that no longer have value to the owner, but have value to others may also be recycled to save space in the roll off dumpster, and help conserve natural resources. Old scrap metal can be sold locally to make extra cash to cover the dumpster rental. Paper, plastics and cardboard can also be recycled; many roll off dumpster services will pick up recyclables separate from trash, making the process convenient for customers.

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